MORE residents from a block run by a housing association have complained about lice infesting their flats.

Last week The Observer reported how a resident of Foundry Court in Mill Street, Slough, had been struggling with a bedbug infestation.

The housing association, A2Dominion, had insisted that the issue was confined to David Rampasard’s apartment. But following our story, a number of residents have phoned in with similar complaints.

One who wished to remain anonymous, said that she too was experiencing bedbug issues. She said: “I spent a fortune last year trying to get rid of them, I paid the council £50 time and time again for them to clear them out. I had to change all the beds.

“A2 just say they can’t do anything, that the flats are not their responsibility.”

Mr Rampasard, 53, said: “We’ve spent £2,000 on new sheets and beds over the last couple of years. They’re just digging their heels in (A2). They need to do something and sort this out.”

Another anonymous resident said she was struggling with fleas as well as bedbugs.

Saleh Mirza, head of environmental services at A2Dominion said: “We are sorry to hear about ongoing problems with bedbugs. We have previously treated properties in the block and found that the problem was confined to individual properties, rather than stemming from communal areas.

“We will arrange another visit from our team to inspect the properties to ascertain the cause of the problem. If the issue is contained within the individual properties we will provide details of companies to assist our residents.”