It’s not often babies become a special part of history just for having their births registered.

But for a handful of little ones in Slough that is exactly the case. Because they were the first in the town’s history to be recorded at the new registration office in The Curve, William Street.

The new library and cultural hub celebrated its first year anniversary recently - and while it did that the first babies to be registered there were also celebrating their first birthdays.

This includes Landon Thomas, one, who was born on September 20 last year.

Mum, Sarah Jane Thomas, 39, of Flamborough Spur, Cippenham, said: “It is nice because I can say to him when he’s older, and it has been standing there for 20 years, ‘you were one of the first registered here’.”

The carer, who described Landon as our ‘little miracle’ as she had never had children before, added: “He’s now walking, talking, saying a few words - a typical boy.

“He likes to climb a lot. He’s a really good boy.”

Landon surprised his mum when he became part of a poster in The Curve to celebrate the building’s one year anniversary.

Meanwhile, Alice Parker was born to parents Adam,41, and Supison Parker, on September 14 last year. She was one of the first girls to be registered at The Curve.

Mr Parker, a Sky broadcast engineer, of Fairfield Road, Burnham, said: “We went to the (old) registration office first in Farnham Road and that was closed. I think the new one (The Curve) had opened that day.”

He added: “She’s now very active - she eats well and walked at 11 months.She also likes to climb.”