THE leader of the Slough Conservative group has revealed he is writing to ministers in central government expressing his concerns about the future Slough Borough Council chief executive.

Cllr Wayne Strutton said: “I have made a request for mentoring from the Local Government Authority, and am drafting a letter to the appropriate minister with the concerns that I have.

“I feel there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest the appointment of Roger Parkin was pre-determined. It’s not for me to investigate further – I need to get this information in front of the people interested in taking a look at it.

“Many of the statements by Cllr Sabia Hussain were well-founded. I’ve never heard of a new CEO being asked to undergo training for anger management before. While there may be no record of him taking the training, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t recommended. I’m seeking advice on how to handle the concerns that I have, I don’t think it can be handled within Slough anymore. I’ve approached the LGA for support taking this forward.”

Cllr Strutton also raised concerns about council procedure adding: “Surely, instead of appointing the directors, and then the CEO, you would appoint the CEO, and then the directors. That way you can ensure the CEO is happy with their directors, and they can clear out the dross.”

Mr Parkin did not wish to comment.