ARMED police officers stopped two people in a busy road today, Tuesday.

At 1.04pm the officers peformed a stop and search on a vehicle on the crossroads between Farnham Road and Bath Road, near the Three Tuns Pub.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "Officers from an Armed Response Unit stopped a vehicle at 1.40pm, on the crossroads by the Three Tuns Pub.

"Officer carried out a stop and search of the vehicle and its occupants. The officers were armed with guns and Tasers, but these were not deployed.

"No arrests were made."

One witness, who was in the car next to the one targeted by the police, said: "Several undercover police cars drove into oncoming traffic and stopped in front of a car at the traffic lights."

The witness then described how several armed officers got out and ordered a man and a woman to exit the car and put their hands on the ground.

The witness said it was 'very scary'.