A LEADING hotel chain has written to the Royal Borough and Slough councils suggesting they team up in a new building plan.

The Travelodge chain operates 550 hotels and is suggesting an ‘innovative partnership’ that would see it build new hotels within the group on surplus council land with the authorities having the option to either retain ownership of them and receiving annual rent, or selling up – with Travelodge remaining as its operator.

Peter Gowers, Travelodge chief executive, said: “More and more local authorities are under pressure to find ways to help regenerate their historic town centres and local communities. Adding a low-cost hotel like Travelodge is an increasingly attractive choice, as it draws visitors, creates jobs and helps boost the local economy.

“We are looking for more sites to drive our expansion programme and we are writing to more than 200 other local authorities, to invite them to consider how Travelodge can act as a catalyst to drive their local development agenda.”

The company has already completed deals with seven local authorities.