A NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch co-ordinator is urging residents to sign up to the scheme, and avoid sharing information about crimes solely on social media.

Jane Brown, 50, of Iver Heath said: “People think there is a cost, but there isn’t any. It isn’t even that time-consuming.

“We used to have a co-ordinator on every road – now we have a little bit of that, and lots of social media. A lot of people don’t use social media, or don’t have access to it.

“Police have lower staff, they can’t get out to everybody to do crime prevention talks like they used to.”

Mrs Brown explained that: “We’ve got a great locksmith who does free security checks, and a CCTV provider who does discounts for the Ivers. Maplins gives us vouchers for 15 per cent off security products, again for the Ivers only.”

For more information about Neighbourhood Watch, or to start your own scheme, contact the South Bucks Community Safety team on 01494 586535 or email communitysafety@southbucks.gov.uk