AN ENGINEER is just mad about Christmas lights – and has travelled the length and breadth of the country to produce a stunning display outside his home.

Ryan Moody, 26, travelled to North Wales and Penzance in Cornwall, Liverpool, and Norfolk to find the bright lights that now stand outside his property in Farm Road, Maidenhead.

He held his own big-switch on on Friday of last week.

Mr Moody, a commercial catering engineer, said: “I took my dad with me to Penzance to get some of the stuff. It is not easy to find – they don’t sell it like they did years ago. A lot of it I have sourced from America. I had to leave a lot of it at my mum’s home, my loft was completely full and my garage was completely full – I also had to leave some of it in my own bedroom. Me and my girlfriend went up to Liverpool to pick up something as part of a lights swap with someone else – that is how it works too.”

Mr Moody has planned for the display since October, having made a previous effort last Christmas which raised almost £800 for Cancer Research UK. This year, the display is for the British Lung Foundation after the grandfather of Mr Moody’s partner, Jessica Whitton, 23, passed away suddenly last Christmas from Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Donald Duffy, 86, of Iver, had been enjoying Christmas with the family, but took a turn for the worse and died shortly before the new year.

Mr Moody said: “This year we decided to do it in memory of him.” Mr Moody said he had masterminded most of the display himself, but needed a little help from friend, Darran Davies, when it came to his roof. He said: “I am not the best person with heights so I need to thank him for that. Thanks to my parents as well – my mum and dad supported me this year to travel up and down the country to get all sorts of lights and keep me company.”

He estimates the display costs in the region of £5,000 to £6,000. He added: “At the end of the day it is worth it. The reason I started it is because when I was a kid there was a place to go in my neighbourhood to see lights like this. I thought I would do it for other kids to have the same experience. Last year after seeing so many people enjoying it, I have gone out and made it three times bigger.”

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