Slough’s famous ice rink is due to reopen soon - but the town’s talented synchronised ice skating teams need sponsors to help them use it as a launching pad to world stardom.

Cathie Wells is a member of Slough Synchro Skating Club’s adult team and a lead fundraiser.

She said: “Last weekend our senior B team won a cup at the National Championships in Nottingham. Our adults won the Wales and West cup before Christmas and were fifth in the national adult finals.”

But it has not always been easy despite the skilful help of their coach, Ryan Sowter.

Mrs Wells said: “The costs associated with the sport are prohibitive, as ice time and coaching time are expensive. On top of this are the costume expenses and the fees to enter competitions.

“Slough Synchro Club has been particularly badly affected this last year, by the closing down for refurbishment of the main rink. This has meant having to pay for expensive ice at the temporary rink and supplement this training by hiring full size rinks before competitions.”

The club runs four teams – elementary, preliminary, senior B and adults. Several members of the senior team have parents in the adult team.

Mrs Wells hopes sponsors will come forward to let it take full advantage when the refurbished main rink reopens - allowing more coaching and ice time as well as much needed new costumes.

With synchronised ice skating bidding to become part of the Winter Olympic Games the sky could be the limit.

Mrs Wells said: “At the moment we only manage an hour a week on the ice for our teams with elementary and preliminary having to share that.”

But they aim to participate in competitions in Cardiff and Belgium this year.

Meanwhile members help out every Sunday when the well established special needs ice group SPICE (Special People on Ice) comes down for training sessions. They have had the satisfaction of helping some of SPICE’s members become skilful enough to transfer to their own teams.

Anyone who would like to sponsor the Slough Synchro Skating Club should contact