POLICE have executed early morning raids against members of a 'significant' organised crime gang in the town, that dealt in Class-A drugs.

Early this morning, the Observer shadowed a major Thames Valley Police operation against a Slough drug gang, in which they raided ten addresses across the town. As a result of the co-ordinated effort, called Operation Rhumba, ten people have been arrested for conspiracy to supply to drugs, along with one man for a failure to appear at court. The police also located a missing young person during the raids.

Detective Chief Inspector Darran Hill, of the Serious Organised Crime Unit, confirmed that the gang had distributed cocaine and heroin.

Mr Hill said: "We have had great success today carrying out these arrests and disrupting a violent organise crime group who were selling drugs in Slough, and by doing so we have taken out a significant tier of criminality.

"However the work really starts here as through our Stronghold campaign we wish to leave a legacy to stop young people from falling into or being exploited by organised crime groups."

Superintendent Gavin Wong, Local Police Authority Commander for Slough, said: "We have carried out these warrants in order to disrupt individuals who are part of organised crime groups operating in Slough.

"Within our communities we will not tolerate those who seek to profit from drugs and make our residents lives worse as a result through associated crime.

"Over the coming days we will continue to carry out disruptive behaviour and you will see an increased police presence."

Thames Valley Police asked anyone with further information on organised crime gangs to continue reporting it by calling 101, or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The people arrested included six men, all from Slough, aged 15, 16, 20, 25, and 44 respectively, who were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply the class A drug cocaine. 

One 42-year old woman from Slough was also arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply the class A drug cocaine. 

Four men from Slough, aged 22, 19, 18, and 17 were arrested on suspision of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.