VOLUNTEERS helped feed nearly 50 homeless people as part of a regular High Street event.

Charity workers for Khalsa Aid, which is based in Slough, have started a food giveaway to help the homeless, that runs every Tuesday in Slough High Street at 7pm.

Volunteer Indy Narwal, 28, of St Andrew’s Way, Slough said: “This is a regular event running every Tuesday. We had 42 homeless people last week, and we go to Windsor straight after. We’re expecting similar numbers today.”

“We deliver one hot meal, along with crisps, fruit, biscuits, and hot drinks. Last week we had pizza and chips.”

This week, the project delivered a hot pasta dish, along with samosas, sultanas, and brownies. While some of the food was donated, much of it had been bought or prepared by the volunteers themselves.

Mr Narwal said: “At 7.45am we make our way to Windsor, near the McDonalds on the High Street.

“There we deliver hot meals to them, or walk down to where they are sitting and hand them out.

“I have been getting on to local businesses, trying to get contributions.”

One local homeless man said: “They have been helpful, very helpful.”

After the event, Mr Narwal said: “We served a total of 63 yesterday, 56 in Slough and seven in Windsor.

“We also handed out our ‘bag of warmth’ winter packs which included hats, gloves, socks, scarves and a range of toiletries.”

Volunteer, Shin Dhother, 51, of Chalvey, said has worked to co-ordinate the local charities so meals are offered to the homeless on every day of the week.

Mr Dhother explained: “On Monday we have Nishkam SWAT. On Tuesdays we have Langar Aid, on Wednesdays we have Nishkam SWAT, and on Thursdays we have the Salvation Army again.

“Then on Fridays we have Our Kitchen Rules, on Saturday we have the Shazad Yaseen Foundation, and on Sunday it’s the Salvation Army.”

Mr Dhother said: “These guys are fantastic, they are doing a really great job.”