ONE of the great showmen, entertainers and popular singers of our age has been wowing us since the mid-noughties as Michael Bublé seems to highlight all that is good about song, writes Paul Thomas.

Around him has grown an ever-increasing cathedral of tribute acts who, with looks and voice, entertain those who can't get to see the real McCoy.

One singer, however, stands out in my mind (and I've seen a few) and that is Mitch Rutter, and there's a showbiz name if ever I heard one.

Mitch brought his seven-piece orchestra to Windsor's Theatre Royal on Sunday for what is now a traditional concert call with great energising showbiz to round off your week – and Mitch was just one of those fabulous performers the 'Royal' has lined up for a foot-stomping, toe-tapping, dancing-in-the-aisles celebration of song.

Let's be Frank (excuse the pun) Mitch has the presence, moves and voice to match Bublé note for note.

His mannerisms and nuances are all there for any fan of the great man to latch on to.

His diction matches, notes are round and accent clearly on key to give what was a very grateful audience to Bublé they wanted to see and hear.

Mitch Rutter strikes the right chord as Bublé, never overdoing the staccato arm and leg movements which the singer fidgets with every note, almost in synch with each drum beat and horn blow.

No, Mitch has got this off to a fine art and the audience loved it.

Feeling Good – The Michael Bublé Tribute Show really graced the stage with not just his songs, but also with an insight into his life from humble beginnings and a struggle to be noticed and sign his first contract, but his humility as one of the world's great performers.

With songs like Cry Me a River, Feeling Good, Sway, Home, I Just Haven't Met You Yet, Lost, Crazy Love, Moondance and many, many more, this was two hours of enjoyment.

Mitch Rutter can sing, oh yeah, he can sing, and what's more he gives it his all. Come back soon.

Sunday nights at the 'Royal' are a blast so ditch the tellybox or set to record and finish off your week with a song in your soul.

Next up are the Barron Knights, The Last Joust on Sunday.

Rolin Stoned are up on Monday paying tributes to the legendary Stones and Professor Robert Winston arrives on Tuesday to talk about our obsession with genes.

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