FAMILIES prepared fresh pasta meals for the homeless to help them through the freezing nights.

 Langar Aid gives out food to the homeless of Slough and Windsor every Tuesday. This week, two families joined forces to prepare a nourishing meal for those who will struggle through the nights.

A leader for Langar Aid, Sukhvir Mannan, 32, of Belgrave Road, said: “Most of the time we get the meals ready at home, so it’s all hot fresh food. The sort of food we would eat ourselves, so its all healthy. Some shops also donate food to us.”

“This week we had pasta and vegetables, which was cooked by two different families.”

The Langar Aid team served 51 people across Slough and Windsor. The meals, some of which were prepared by the mother of a Langar Aid member, Salinder Kaur Bhogal, were heated in Mr Mannan’s flat before being distributed.

Mr Mannan said: “There was quite a lot of people, a little less than usual – probably due to the cold weather.

“We’re seeing more people engaging – some of them are regular, and we’ve made friends with them now. Because of the bad weather, a lot of them have been sheltering in car parks.

“Its more than just giving out food, we’re getting to know them and seeing how we can help them further.”