Rocky the macaw wasn’t ‘pining for the fjords’ as he visited the Iver Nature Study Centre in 1994 and he happily perched on the shoulder of his handler David Broadbridge to officially open the ‘Rainforest Experience’.

The centre’s volunteers had created a mini jungle-complete with jungle noises and smells inside the centre’s headquarters.

‘Birds of a feather,stick together’ or so the saying goes and pupils at Farnham Common School certainly thought it was a hoot-when they posed for the Observer’s camera 24 years ago.

They were entertained by a flying visit of ‘Ye Olde Redtail Falconry Display’ which included flying owls,hawks and falcons.

The pupils were entertained and educated by various flying displays as part of their term’s project on ‘movement’.

Children’s TV presenter Simon Parkin was the celebrity starter for the Great Burnham Pancake race and there certainly was no shortage of pancakes-as Romero’s restaurant had cooked 170 in only twenty minutes.

Karen Tidy, one of the event organisers told the Observer: “It was a great day and we were pleased with the turn out-Simon was great with the children and they were thrilled to see him.”

The Observer’s gig guide had no trouble ‘stretching a point’ when reviewing ‘posho press darlings’ Elastica who were playing their ‘post-Blondie spike-bombs’ at the Old Trout.

With a gushing and barbed review the columnist reminded readers that Elastica had just scooped the prestigious NME ‘best new act’ award and were riding on the crest of a wave-having released their latest single ‘Line Up’.

Polish-born photographer Richard Shymansky was enjoying his ‘life through a lens’ in 1994 as he had

just scooped three top national prizes at the London Portrait Group


Eton based Richard told the Observer:”There are a lot of useful tips you can follow when you are taking a picture but the real key is being able to predict exactly the right moment to shoot-just before it happens.”

Slough museum launched a new exhibition highlighting the history of it’s High Street from 1802 to the 1970s with amateur and professional photo’s being place side by side.

Some notable pictures included long-lost buildings such as Lovegrove’s Chair Manufactory, South Bucks Garage and John Harding’s butchers that would

hang rabbits on the outside of its premises.

Curator, Lesley Hackett told the Observer: “We had someone in the other day who said they actually remember little buckets being fastened to the rabbits heads to catch the blood-they certainly must have been fresh!”