A LANDOWNER who has begun erecting a wooden wall around his field without planning permission will be allowed to keep it.

The wall, which is located in a field next to Mansion Lane, Iver, is owned by a landowner who has recently travelled here from Saudi Arabia.

Over the weekend (February 24 and 25), residents of Iver were shocked to find that a gigantic wooden wall was being erected around the field, without a planning permission or an application.

The council have said the landowner didn’t know he needed permission Police were called out to the area at 8pm on Saturday, after residents of Iver confronted the builders. No arrests were made.

Councillor Louisa Sullivan said: “The landowner was contacted by a neighbouring landowner, and came over to protect his land from possible encroachment. He wasn’t\ aware he needed planning permission.

“I contacted him on Friday – there was obviously a lot of speculation on Facebook which wasn’t true.

“He’s been put in contact with South Bucks council. He had a meeting on Monday, and has been given written details of what he needs to do. I’ve spoken to a lot of residents immediately adjacent to the land to tell them what is happening.

“We do have legal notices drawn up and ready to serve if we see any other activity on the site.”

South Bucks District Council confirmed that the landowner will be allowed to keep the wall he has already installed, providing he puts in an immediate planning application and keeps all barriers under two meters high.

A spokeswoman for SBDC said: “The landowner is putting up boundary fencing to secure the site from the risk of organised environmental crime, which has been occurring in the area over the last few months. “Investigating agencies have been contacting land owners recently to advise them to secure their land, because they run the risk of being left liable to clear up costs.

“They can continue with installing the boundary treatments (which can include fences and or earth bunds) [...]on the basis that a planning application is submitted to us quickly so that we can give it due consideration.”