A MULTI-MILLION pound programme to repair the worst pothole hotspots is to be launched.

Buckinghamshire County Council has readied a £2.78 million programme to tackle the worst affected roads. A ‘plane and patch’ scheme will be sued to resurface stretches of road with multiple serious potholes. Roads have been hit hard in the first few months of this year, due to the freezing, snowy weather.

The council has also acquired a high-velocity ‘Jet Patcher’, to speed up the much-needed repairs.

Mark Shaw, of BCC, advised that it had been inefficient to repair the potholes during the winter, as they would have opened up again.

Mr Shaw said: “I do appreciate some roads have taken longer to fix than we’d like. But doing repairs twice doesn’t make economic sense, and I know our residents would expect us to steward finances more responsibly.”