A MAN was wrestled to the ground by security staff after he entered a busy supermarket clutching what appeared to be a syringe.

Five security guards at Tesco Extra in Wellington Street, Slough, pinned the 46-year-old man down after he entered the main shopping area with the instrument which appeared to have a needle attached.

The incident, that happened yesterday (Thursday) at around 6.10pm, was filmed and uploaded to Facebook by resident Leonie Richardson, 30, of Sovereign Heights, Slough.

Ms Richardson said: "I was at Holland and Barrett, and heard a commotion. I came out to see what it was, and this man barged past me, being chased by security staff.

"They were all arguing (with him). He was screaming, I couldn't make out what he was saying."

In the video, the man shouts 'I haven't done nothing', as security staff hold him down and attempt to prise the instrument out of his hand.

Ms Richardson said: "They did get control of him, and managed to get it out of his hand. A small bottle cracked on the floor. His hand was cut - there was blood. I don't know if one of them (the staff) got cut."

Thames Valley Police said: "Officers were called yesterday (12/4) at about 6.10pm following reports involving a man attempting to shoplift and assault staff at Tesco, Wellington Street, Slough.

"Two members of staff were taken to hospital for treatment following the incident. They have since been discharged."

The man is currently being held in police custody. 

Thames Valley Police asked anyone who witnessed the incident - or who have mobile phone footage of it - to contact them by calling 101.