IT’S a dog’s life working in the theatre - but two of the stars of the opera Rigoletto coming to Windsor Theatre Royal on Monday don’t mind a bit.

Greyhounds Brae and Lady will be appearing in the show alongside a Chilean Blue Eagle called Quasar.

The show is being staged by producer director Ellen Kent whose lavish productions of operas are world famous.

Ms Kent is a campaigner for animal welfare. A chat outside her local supermarket with a representative from Berkshire organisation Fall in Loved with a Rescue raised her awareness of how greyhounds are often abandoned, so she decided to invite two of its dogs to appear on stage to raise awareness.

The organisation is based near Wokingham at the home of Jane McCutcheon.

Mrs McCutcheon, 55, said: “My mum and dad always rescued dogs and horses. When Dad died he left some money and we pooled it to start the organisation Fall in Loved with a Rescue.

“The dogs live at home with us. They get used to television, bleeping microwaves and things but mostly they are happy just to jump on a chair as soon as they arrive.”

She is helped by her children Les, 30, Chrissie, 27 and Harry, 16 and three tiny grandchildren.

The organisation has no paid employees just volunteers, who take dogs from UK greyhound trainers, dog wardens, rescue centres and pounds.They survive through a wide range of fundraising activities.

What better way than to get publicity than for Brae and Lady to appear on stage.

Lady is a very fast winning greyhound who broke her leg racing and faced being put to sleep. Her leg has been fixed and healed completely and is loving life as a family dog.

Brae is only four and after a very successful race career lost his will to win, so was deemed a failed racer facing an uncertain future. Now he loves life, his hound friends and living as part of a family.

There will be a collection at the end of Monday’s performance of Rigoletto.