FIREFIGHTERS were busy last night (Monday), due to a number of incidents across the town.

A fire engine from Langley Fire Station was first dispatched to Langley Park Road at around 7.30pm to a rear-end car collision. The car that had rammed the car in front of them had already driven off by the time the firefighters arrived.

Two people were rescued from the badly damaged vehicle - one was released easily, but firefighters had to use cutting equipment to saw the roof off to save the other passenger. The passenger was later taken to hospital for treatment. Firefighters were on-scene for about an hour and a half.

In a second incident, a car was set ablaze in Sutton Place, Colnbrook, at around 3am, in what the firefighters believed to be a deliberate act of arson. The fire was brought under control promptly, with firefighters on scene for around an hour.