Police have reopened a park to the public following reports that a man was stabbed in broad daylight.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) officers closed off The Brocas in Eton yesterday evening (Wednesday), which is owned by Eton College.

It is understood a man was stabbed in the park shortly before 5pm.

One woman who did not wish to be named, said she saw a man, appearing to be the victim, running out of the park near some residential homes 'covered in blood' with a neck wound. She said he collapsed at the scene as he ran towards Windsor.

The mother, from Slough, said she saw it happen whilst with her young daughter.

Her daughter told The Oberver: "It scared me." The mother said the victim was white and in his twenties.

Police dogs were brought in to search the park after the incident. It reopened around 8pm.

TVP have been approached for comment but are yet to disclose any information. It is understood the man was airlifted to hospital with the air ambulance landing nearby.

Jeremy Mitchell said on Twitter at 5.02pm: "Is there nowhere you can go now without a stabbing?? Young guy just stabbed in the throat in Eton on the local common.What is wrong with people?"