A TV CHEF is looking for families who want to eat more healthily for his latest BBC television show.

Tom Kerridge is looking for volunteers in the Slough and South Bucks area for a new BBC Two series where he will support families to cook and eat good food together more.

Mr Kerridge’s last series, Lose Weight For Good, helped people to lose weight whilst still enjoying their food.

He wants to hear from families who may currently eat a lot of ready meals, takeaways and other convenience food – rather than taking the time to prepare something homemade and healthy.

A spokesman for production company, Bone Soup, said: “Do you lack the time and skills to cook good food at home?

“Do you worry about you and your family’s health? The producers of Lose Weight For Good would like to hear from families, couples and housemates who want to make a fresh start with their diet.”

If you would like to find out more about the show with a view to perhaps volunteering please call Sophie on 0117 906 4321.