A chance for the people of Windsor and Slough to grab back a 750 metre stretch of river across Dorney Common will start with a conservation weekend.

People living in the Windsor and Maidenhead area are being urged to reclaim the Roundmoor Ditch through a series of river improvement events led by Thames21, a charity which aims to put healthy rivers back at the heart of everyday life.

A series of 30 events to revive the Roundmoor will start with a conservation weekend on Saturday and Sunday, July 7 and 8.

Volunteers can get hands-on, working to prevent erosion to the riverbank, while planting vegetation to attract a wide variety of river life and increase cover for fish.

Luke Damerum, project officer at Thames21, said: “People are passionate about the Roundmoor. This we know from recent public consultations but now is the time to turn that passion into action.

“The Roundmoor needs some tender, loving care to improve the dynamic of the river, make it more biodiverse and more usable for the community. That’s where the local community has an opportunity to play a vital role.

"Get involved by joining our conservation days.”

Volunteers are asked to go to the Cattle Grid on Tilestone Bridge, Roundmoor, Eton Wick. The sessions next Saturday and Sunday will run from 10.30am to 2.30pm with another set of activities at the same place on July 21 and 22 and more to come in the months ahead. All events are listed on the Thames21 website, www.thames21.org.uk/events.

It is all funded by Thames Water and Thames21 has worked closely with Eton Wick Waterways Group, Thames Valley Angling Association, the Environment Agency, Dorney Court Estate and Eton College on a programme of enhancements.

Thames Water consulted with the Royal Borough to identify residents’ concerns and devise the project’s outline.