Free adult courses are being offered to students attending college in Windsor, Langley and Egham - thanks to new Government funding.

Kate Webb, who is chief executive and group principal of the Windsor Forest Colleges Group which runs Langley and Windsor Colleges as well as Egham based Strodes, said that Government funding for low paid earners had made it all possible.

Starting in September anyone earning less than £20,000 will receive full funding on a wide range of courses.

Ms Webb said: “This is a great opportunity for those who want to improve their English with one of our ESOL courses, learn a new skill to either develop their career or re-train for a completely new direction. This new government funding will take the worry out of having to finance courses as many offered at our colleges will now be free. Anyone keen to take advantage of the funding needs to move quickly as this is a year’s trial by the government for courses starting from September.

“We already offer a number of courses that are completely free for adults who are unemployed or claiming a range of benefits. This is the first time the government has acknowledged that people on a low wage should also be entitled to free education and training. This will improve the career and employment opportunities for many in our community.”

Eligible courses range from the technical such as Level 1 and 2 construction, hair and beauty and motor vehicle maintenance through to the professional world of accountancy, business, hospitality, travel and tourism.

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