A MAN has been ordered to take his England flags off his roof – after the council feared the flags would ‘damage the roof tiles’.

Joe Furnell, 67, of Calbroke Road, taped three England flags to the roof of his council bungalow over two weeks ago as the World Cup kicked-off.

But on the day of England’s match against Colombia, Mr Furnell was called by a member of Slough Borough Council and ordered to remove them, due to fears the flags would damage the roof of the building.

Mr Furnell said: “I put the flags on the roof for the kids really, they love taking photos. But today I was told to take them down because they said it would damage the roof. I’ve hung them up outside now – I’m waiting for them to come back and tell me it will damage the bricks.

“I think they are taking the Mick to be honest, its disgraceful. They’ve been up there for two weeks already, and there’s been no damage to my roof. It all just seems silly to me.”

A Slough Borough Council spokeswoman said: “The council has absolutely no policy against people flying England flags, especially during world cup season – so long as they are not causing a hazard.

“I presume in this case the housing officer felt they were causing a hazard. The council has no problem with people flying flags so long as they are secure.”