A talented poet has been named as one of the 10 'most outstanding black students in the UK.

Theophina Gabriel, 21, from Stoke Poges received the award at the House of Commons last Thursday at a ceremony organised by Rare Recruitment - a company that specialises in helping students from under represented backgrounds get good jobs.

A total of 500 students were nominated for the award and Miss Gabriel was one of the 10 selected by the judges, who included celebrated writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips and business executive Jean Tomlin.

Miss Gabriel is a former pupil at St Joseph's Catholic High School, now studying Philosophy and Theology at Oxford University.

She is already earning a reputation as a poet. Her iconic poem Back Home is a powerful response to the injustices recently suffered by members of the Windrush generation of immigrants who made England their home.

But her biggest challenge has been setting up a new magazine called Onyx.

She said: "I got tired of the publishing industry. It is very white and a lot of voices just aren't being heard.

"I want to take on the lack of representation of African and Caribbean people and give their writing a chance.

"We have already had 100 submissions."

She began working to set up the magazine in January and the first issue of 1,500 copies will be ready in October.

Oxford University has agreed to print the copies for free - but now Miss Gabriel is hoping for sponsors to secure its future.

She said: "It is Catch-22. Potential sponsors need to see a copy of the magazine before deciding but we needed money to produce the first issue.

"Now we will have the first issue and I want to continue offering a platform to under represented people."

She says she hopes to continue on her current course as a poet, artist and writer.