A family tried to tackle a wasps' nest in their garden shed with a lighted stick and instead of getting the wasps...they burned the shed down.

The Asian family of five found the huge nest in one of the eves of the wooden garden shed at their home in Westmorland Road, Maidenhead at around 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

One of the children, according to firefighters, set fire to a stick and poked the nest with it in an attempt to kill the wasps, but instead torched the shed.

The family member was not at the address when the brigade arrived, but firefighters confirmed that all five members got safely from the home and phoned in the incident.

The shed was burned to the ground. Firefighters arrived with one appliance and used one hose jet to douse the blaze.

The service warned that in these extremely hot temperatures to be careful with combustible materials or setting fire to dry wood in any circumstances.

No one was injured.