A CHRISTIAN summer camp saw hundreds of young people learn more about their faith.

Lighthouse Burnham, which ran throughout last week, is a long-running annual Christian camp that teaches young people more about the religion through a variety of fun activities.

Carol Vader, chairwoman of Lighthouse Burnham, said: "Lighthouse is a Christian holiday camp for young people, and we've had 750 attendees each day, aged between four and eleven.

"We also have 350 volunteers who come and help look after the children, many of which came to the camp as children and are now back as volunteers. The rest come from churches all throughout this area.

The camp, which has been running for 17 years, this year moved its venue to Burnham Park Academy.

Ms Vader said: "We're enormously grateful to Burnham Park Academy for providing this venue, and would like to express our delight with this new site.

"Over the week, the children have got involved in activities such as drama events in which scenes from the Bible were acted out, and crafts workshops. There was also an event called the 'Guardians of Ancora', which was a treasure-hunt event. And there were lots of singing, dancing, and fun events throughout the days. There was also an event where the children voted for their favourite volunteer to get 'gunged.'

"We're all very proud of our volunteers and their hard work, which included setting up the event as well as running it."

Lighthouse Burnham is to return next year. For more information and to sign up, visit www.lighthousecentral.org/lighthouses/burnham