A young couple got a horrible shock when they found an unwelcome visitor sharing their takeaway meal - a maggot nestling among the potato wedges.

Jordan Warren, 24 says he and his partner Danielle, 23 - who is expecting a baby - had settled down for the day and ordered pizzas and potato wedges from the Domino's pizza restaurant in Station Road, Langley.

Mr Warren said: "We were about two thirds of the way through when we saw it. We thought it was a burnt piece of food at first until we moved it and realised what it was. It was horrible.

"Danielle threw up immediately and I felt like it as well."

Neither are any the worse for their experience but Mr Warren, who lives in Langley Road, Slough says he is furious with Domino's which he says has refused to reimburse him.

But the company has said that it was prevented from investigating properly because it was not allowed to see the evidence. It also insists its store has been given a completely clean bill of health.

A spokesman for the company said this week: "Upon receiving the complaint, we immediately offered to collect the potato wedges to investigate; however, Mr. Warren declined this. A food safety officer and external pest control were also invited to visit the store, which has a five star cleanliness rating, though neither found any cause for concern. Should Mr Warren change his mind about our team collecting his order so we may investigate, we would very much welcome this."

But Mr Warren, who lives in Langley Road, Slough said he refused an offer from the shop to collect the food for investigation because he wanted to show it to the food standards authority.

Meanwhile he and Danielle are awaiting the arrival of the baby which was due on Tuesday.