Slingshots and catapults could be banned by a new public spaces protection order that has been put forward by Slough Borough Council in a bid to reduce concern in certain wards in the town.

Under the order, the carrying of a catapult, slingshot or similar item that could cause harm or damage to a person, animal or property in the Langley Kedermister, Langley St Mary’s, Foxborough and Colnbrook with Poyle wards, without reasonable excuse, will be prohibited.

Carrying stones, sticks, pellets or similar items which could be used as a missile without a reasonable excuse will also be banned and the orders will be enforceable by both police and council officers, who will be able to issue fixed penalty notices or confiscate weapons.

The order was put forward by the council at the request of Thames Valley Police, following lobbying from the Colnbrook Community Assoication, the secretary of which, Charles Burke, said he was pleased with the developments after a spate of anti-social behaviour, including youngsters using such weapons to kill animals and smash windows, left people in the Colnbrook, Poyle and Langley areas scared to go outside.

He said: “The CCA welcome the proposals and with a renewed police presence in our communities, feel sure that it will have the intended affect so long as residents report contraventions when they see them.

“The matter of ASB in our communities has been an ever-increasing problem, and our concerns have been acted upon by Thames Valley Police, in conjunction with SBC and the proposal to change the PSPO would appear to be part of a long term ongoing process to reduce the incidences of youth ASB in the Colnbrook / Foxborough areas.”

Any representations or objections to the order must be made in writing to Ian Blake at Slough Borough Council.

The proposed order will be displayed at the council offices in St Martin’s Place until Friday, October 26.