FOSTER carers from across Slough were honoured at a dinner and dance held in their honour on Saturday.

Slough Children’s Services Trust hosted its annual foster carer dinner, dance and awards ceremony at the Heathrow Windsor Marriott Hotel on Saturday, where awards were presented to those who had opened up their homes to children over the years.

Slough's MP Tan Dhesi and the town's mayor Cllr Paul Sohal were among the guests.

Five awards were presented to foster carers who had achieved five years service, one to a couple who had achieved 15 years service.

But the longest serving foster parent at the event was Shahnaz Akhtar MBE, who has been opening up her home to children in need for 25 years.

Additionally there were five ‘outstanding contribution’ awards presented to foster carers who in the Trust’s view, had gone ‘above and beyond the call of duty’.

Jackie Pape, head of the Family Placement Service at the Trust, said: "Foster carers are very special people with big hearts and these awards are just our small way of saying thank you.

The mayor Cllr Sohal said: "It is great to have occasions like this to be able to thank foster carers for all they do for children and young people in Slough. Their kindness and generosity means many young people will have brighter days and more hope for the future."

MP Tan Dhesi said: "Foster carers deserve all the glitz and glamour of these awards. ‘The fact that so many people have joined them to help them celebrate what they do shows how special they are. What foster carers do for the community in Slough is incredible."

If you would like to consider opening up your home to a child in need, then contact the Slough Children’s Services Trust to find out more? For a friendly chat, call 01753 875133, or for more information email: