Residents in Cippenham Close have expressed anger over works being carried out on a green area in the street that Slough Borough Council say will improve parking problems and prevent people from parking on the grass.

An open letter sent out by Slough Conservatives suggested that residents in the close feel that there is not a problem in the area and that the council is acting against the residents’ wishes.

The letter, signed by Lee Pettman, Slough West Branch Campaigns Lead, said: “Residents in Cippenham Close have been fighting a battle over the last couple of months against the will of Slough Borough Council who have seemed intent on ripping up the green in their close to pave it over for parking bays – despite residents saying there isn’t a parking problem.

“Despite lengthy attempts at trying to stop the work in the close, the council have ignored residents and forced the work to happen anyway.

“The council defend their actions by saying that surveys of Google Earth indicated to them that there was a parking problem in the area. They didn’t even bother to carry out a survey or consultation of local residents.”

“This example however is unfortunately not just typical of the way our Labour-led council act – forcing decisions on residents against their will – but is also indicative of how Cippenham is being let down by its existing Labour councillors. Slough and Cippenham deserve much better.”

The leader of Slough Borough Council, James Swindlehurst, has tried to allay fears of residents in the close, by sending a closed letter to them, in which he explained that the work was in response to letters suggesting cars parked on the green and that the council were merely adding parking spaces and a railing to try and salvage the grass. He also invited residents to email him with support for the potential planting of new trees and shrubs on the grass.

He said: “A few letters sent to me acknowledged that there have been 1 or 2 cars parked regularly on the green, so the underlying issue that has driven these works does not appear to be in question.

“Clearly if left to continue, especially with winter approaching, the verge would become cut up and destroyed. Such an outcome is unacceptable to the council.”

Councillor Swindlehurst also explained the lack of a letter drop informing residents of the works was the fault of a ‘an oversight’.