Evocative, intriguing and very Gatsby, this magical musical is just a journey though the decadence of 1920s New York as one lover goes in search of the great man of F. Scott Fitzgerald fame, who took her into his arms, writes Paul Thomas.

With music and Lyrics by, Joe Evans and written and directed by, Linnie Reedman, Looking for Gatsby plays out the low down yet exiting times of prohibition where 'New Yoykers' tired to buck the trend and the Great Gatsby played with people's emotions, lives and ultimately his own demise.

For a character so despised by Ernest Hemingway because of his jealousy of Fitzgerald, Gatsby, of course continues to entice...it's his flamboyance and utter disregard for the human condition, even in times of poverty and despair...he frankly doesn't give a .....

So, it's 1928 New York and a woman walks into a derelict speakeasy and says she is “Looking for Gatsby” as she has something to tell him.

The Jazz Age is in full swing and, two years after the events of the book, a haunted Meyer Wolfshiem is forced down memory lane by a mysterious young woman asking after 'the Great'.

Picking up where Fitzgerald’s novel ended, Gatsby's lover, Daisy, needs to recapture what she has lost in order to move on. She now has the chance to fully address the issues that have always been glossed over.

But why and what has Daisy got to say and why?

Featuring an original score, this new musical is a delightful take on ‘The Great Gatsby’, delving into scenes that Fitzgerald never revealed and the indecent hedonism of the age...got it flaunt it, ain't got it...sweep the streets that you used to own or die on them.

Production company, Ruby in the Dust have won raves for their musical shows and because the stamp of authenticity that they place on every production is simultaneously true to its roots and boldly original, they’ve been able to use music that already claims a steadfast audience and introduce it to new ones. Their strength lies in creating original music tailored to the piece.

This is a full-on front-up of the age where the cast really get to grips with the characters in hand.

Sparky, full of pizazz and entirely entertaining...be prepared to be taken back to the Jazz Age with all its contradictions.

If you liked Bugsy Malone as a child you will 'flapper' your lid over this grown up take on one of the most exciting times of the 20th Century...what Hemingway called the 'Lost Generation' he brought the age down...but Fitzgerald, for all his faults, lifted it into a cloud of excess above a world of deprivation.

Heaven and hell? They're both here with a musical toe-tapping trip into a lost world.

Ditch the tellybox and get down to the 'Royal' for jazzy grand slam.

Looking for Gatsby, Theatre Royal Windsor, today (Tuesday, October 30) 8pm, tomorrow (Wednesday) 2.30pm and 8pm. Box office: 01753 853888 or theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk