A YOUNG mum has described how she was reduced to tears after calls to the council about appalling conditions in her home were received with aggression and accusations of dishonesty.

Tia Watkins, 24, lives at Teesdale Road, Slough with her father-in-law John Turner, her partner Jamie Turner and their children Bonnie, two and Blake, one.

A hole that appeared in the upstairs lavatory caused a major flood that has left the downstairs loo covered in black mould and smelling appalling.

Ms Watkins says a visit from a council officer also confirmed that their front and back door needed replacing. A bannister half way up the stairs comes away in her young children's hands if they touch it, leaving a lethal gap and the kitchen floor is full of holes.

But when she phoned the council to check on when repairs would happen she got a shock.

"I was told the computer did not recognise me as a legitimate tenant of the house. I was told to take all the paperwork to the library in Britwell to prove I had a right to live there.

"They was I was spoken to was hurtful and upsetting."

She left it a while before calling again and being accused again.

She said: "Neither time did I get a call back apologising after I showed the paperwork, or was interest shown in the repairs that needed doing."

Ms Watkins father-in-law has been a tenant in the house 14 years. His son and his family moved in just under two years ago with the full permission of Slough Borough Council.

The final straw came last week when the heating broke down and Ms Watkins phoned the council again - having not dared to for months. She says she was greeted with exactly the same aggressive accusations and said: "I was totally disrespected. It reduced me to tears."

This week a council spokeswoman said: “We sincerely apologise to the Turner family for the dreadful service they’ve received from us. The length of time it has taken for us to carry out the repairs required at their property is unacceptable.

“We are currently investigating the causes for the delay to ensure this doesn’t happen again and have immediately sent a surveyor to the Turner home to see what can be done.

“Our chief executive will be monitoring progress of the situation closely and will be looking to see where we can improve our processes in the future.”