The leader of the Royal Borough council Simon Dudley has declared his support for members of parliament resigning over Theresa May’s Brexit plan and has described it as ‘a horrific, humiliating surrender to the EU’, quoting an article written by Allister Heath in the Telegraph.

Cllr Dudley, who leads the Royal Borough council from Theresa May’s constituency in Maidenhead, took to social media to voice his support for former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, following the announcement of his resignation, simply saying “well done and well said.”

The Borough Council leader declared the proposed deal a ‘staging post’ for Brexit and described the deal proposed by Theresa May, his own member of parliament, as both ‘bad’ and ‘unbalanced’.

He said: “There are two sides to any deal. My business experience is you can never hold someone to an unbalanced bad deal. Especially, a very powerful democracy. We’re looking at a staging post to Brexit.”

At the time of publication, a number of Tory ministers had resigned following the Prime Minister’s deal, which has drawn criticism from both sides of the political spectrum.

However, Downing Street had released a statement saying Theresa May still expected to be Prime Minister when the country withdrew from the European Union in March next year.