A dedicated team of litter pickers gathered outside Wraysbury Village Hall on Sunday.

Their mission? To help organisers Lynn Holden and Nick Carter who had set up the community litter pick.

Joining them all was newly elected borough councillor for Datchet David Cannon and Tory candidate for next year's new ward election Rushi Mullns.

The 30 strong team was briefed by Mrs Holden on safety and posted to various streets for their litter pick up. Those that had not previously applied for kits were loaned them by Nick Carter who had borrowed them from the Royal Borough. Everyone was supplied with black bin bags.

Although Mrs Holden had previously arranged similar litter pick ups in the village, this one included an effort to isolate and keep separate as much recyclable litter as possible.

Among the litter pickers were several community minded children - whose presence was clearly a good omen for the future.