A £1.3m boost by the Royal Borough will take the authority's ambitious Waterways Project one step nearer completion.

The move to fund a weir at Green Lane is tied in with the authority's ambitious plan to create recreational areas of waterway between Cliveden Reach at Cookham through to Maidenhead.

The final section of the York Stream is currently being built close to Chapel Arches, Maidenhead which will link with the further sections that have been built in previous phases of the development.

Within the new design there will be a fish and eel pass to allow wildlife to pass through. Boat rollers will also be installed meaning that small motorised and unpowered boats can travel into reopened channels in the town centre.

Maidenhead Waterways champion Councillor Derek Wilson said: “Funding the weir will ensure that more of our residents will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the waterways now and in the future.

“It was important to us that we made the waterways as accessible as possible and the weir will ensure that boats of all kinds are able to travel in and along our beautiful town centre waterways uninhibited.”

Chairman of the Waterways Group Richard Davenport said: “We are thrilled that the Royal Borough has agreed to fund the Green Lane weir. Its installation will lift surface water levels throughout the town centre, filling and stabilising the newly enlarged channels and allowing more residents and visitors to make use of our stunning town centre waterways.”

The Council hopes to have the weir operating by the end of the year.