BE AMONG the first to see a band which is showing signs of a big and successful career ahead.

The Sound of Springsteen takes to the stage at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts to pay tribute to the superstar known as 'The Boss'.

The Sound of Springsteen was formed in late 2017 by Reading-based producer Garreth Hicklin.

It emerges from a passion for the work of the performer. Each member of this eight-piece band was carefully chosen by the producer for their unique abilities as a performer and an undeniable love of the music.

The band line-up consists of Sam Confrey (lead vocals/guitars/harmonicas), Jerry Stevenson (backing vocals/guitars), Bob Jenkins (drums/percussion), Richard J Finch Turner (backing vocals/bass), John Meaney (backing vocals/keyboards), Mark Porch (backing vocals/guitar), Glen Johnson (backing vocals/sax/keys/guitar), and Phillipa Cookman (backing vocals/guitar).

The band members have impressive references, listing previous UK tours alongside recordings with big names in the music industry.

Sam is no stranger to the Norden Farm stage, having played for many years in the Alter Eagles. He has also recorded in the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road.

John has also appeared on the Norden Farm stage as part of The Billy Joel Songbook performed by Elio Pace.

Individual members of the band have performed and recorded with the likes of The Beach Boys, Ike and Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Tyler, Eric Clapton, and Van Morrison among numerous others. Each band member brings decades of professional experience to the group and has toured widely around the world.

John has even played a version of Born To Run with Suzi Quatro at Wembley Arena.

Join us for the band who has made it clear that their passion for Springsteen outweighs all others.

Sound of Springsteen, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Friday, January at 8pm. Tickets at £20 from the box office on 01628 788997 or online at