Frustrated Eton Wick villagers are sick of being expected to have treated and untreated effluent flowing right next to their homes.

The effluent from nearby Slough Sewage Treatment Works flows through the village’s Roundmoor and Boveney ditches - a situation exacerbated during heavy rainfall and flooding which is when it is allowed to flow through untreated.

The Eton Wick Waterways Group which includes residents is campaigning for a long term resolution to this and for better upkeep of all the village’s waterways by the Environment Agency and Thames Water.

Residents say that streams to the north of the village not used to take effluent have been allowed to become overgrown, clogged and cause flooding to people’s gardens. But mostly they want a lasting solution to the release of untreated sewage into the waterways.

Resident Melanie Critchell said: “We need the co-operation of DEFRA, the Environment Agency, Thames Water and all three local authorities.”