A bitter row on the status of Slough High Street has emerged with Conservative councillors accusing the Labour council of failing Slough residents.

At the full council last week, conservative councillor Anna Wright submitted a question to Council Martin Carter, Cabinet Member for Planning and Transport, asking for an update on the development of Slough high street.

Mr Carter said the Council were disappointed at the delays in the developer’s timetable but assured an update would be released in due course when the next stage of regeneration work would be announced.

Anna Wright told the Observer: “No progress has been made on the high street. We have been trying to get information about the status of the high street, but we have received nothing. Investors should be coming into the town, but it looks like it is going no-where”

“When you look at Bracknell for example, it took a while to perform the regeneration works but now the town in thriving. People blame the growth and convenience of online shopping for the state of our high streets, but we need to look at combining both online shopping and our high streets, not just focusing on one and not the other.”

Martin Carter, however, commented on the work that had been performed already by the council: “Whilst we continue to work with the developers on the major regeneration proposals, I have been leading a team of officers and councillors in focused work on the High Street including the installation of new plants and flowers, a warden service to tackle antisocial behaviour and concerns about safety, increased cleaning, enhanced events and activities and new decoration.

“The town centre continues to be a destination for many and we are ensuring more events and activities are delivered in and around the area including at The Curve, along the High Street and through our partnership with HOME Slough.

“Unfortunately, as everyone is aware there is a national decline in the High Street-style of shopping, and we want to make sure any regeneration proposal is fit for purpose now and in the future and provides the experience and facilities residents want and need. This is not something which should be rushed.”