Salt Hill Park’s makeover is set to begin this month.

Conservation charity WWT are working alongside Slough Borough Council to regenerate part of the green space, by transforming it into a wetland sanctuary with the hope of bringing together people, plants and animals.

Having carried out the necessary surveys, sycamore trees that are growing from rubble out of the old paddling pool as well as hedges and flowers struggling to survive will be removed to open the area up for park users. The trees will be carved into new wetland pools surrounded by wetland trees, fed by the stream.

The line of poplars and the old fruit tree currently in the area will be protected and preserved with new trees and flowers being planted alongside throughout the coming months.

WWT’s Working Wetlands Conservation Officer Claire Hutchinson says: “This exciting new rainscape will help to store floodwater, filter pollution and provide a new home for all sorts of wildlife making it the perfect place for families to relax and enjoy.

“We can’t wait to get started. When the wetlands are completed, the stream will be freed from its underground prison and the area will be full of dragonflies, frogs, colourful meadow flowers and birds.”

If you wish to volunteer to help improve the stream and the surrounding areas, locals are invited to volunteer with the Saving the Salt Hill Stream project. For more information, contact Claire Hutchinson on 07768960173 or