A Thames Valley Police officer who had his leg amputated following a collision in Maidenhead has been commended with the Federation’s first ever Inspiration Award.

Banbury’s PC Tom Dorman’s marked police car was involved in the collision in September 2018. Since the collision, he has worked incredibly hard on his recovery and has subsequently launched a campaign encouraging people to learn how to use tourniquets to save lives.

PC Dorman says he owes his own life to the members of the public who helped him following the crash, as he advised them how to use a tourniquet to stem the catastrophic bleeding from his leg.

Just a matter of months after the incident, Tom started walking again with a prosthetic leg and returned to work shortly after on restricted duties. Incredibly, he has said that he wants to return to the beat “within a year, to do what every police officer does, catching criminals and looking after people”.

Thames Valley Police Federation Chairman Craig O’Leary spoke on the award and PC Dorman’s passion and courage shown by PC Dorman is amazing and truly humbling.

He said: “No-one deserves this inaugural Inspiration Award more than Tom.

“His grit and determination is truly humbling and he has achieved an incredible amount in such a short time. We are all in awe of his strength and spirit and are so proud that he is a Thames Valley Police officer.

“It is hard to imagine how much he has been through, and what it feels like, but Tom has worked incredibly hard not to be beaten by this horrendous incident.

“I am constantly impressed by everything he has done and continues to achieve. He is an example to us all. Well done Tom.”