Slough Children’s Services Trust have pledged their support for LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week as the trust hopes to break down some of the perceived barriers surrounding adoption and fostering.

Across the country, the need for more adopters and foster carers has increased in recent years. Slough Children’s Services are appealing for more people to come forward and provide a loving, nurturing home for young people in the town.

One in eight adoptions across the country last year were to same-sex couples. Single adopters and foster carers are also welcome. With no restrictions in relation to sexuality, the one requirement to become a foster parent is the ability to look after children.

Jackie Pape, Head of Family Placement Services: “We are really proud to support LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week. There are many myths around fostering and adoption and some people think you can’t adopt or foster if you’re part of the LGBT community. This is definitely not true – we welcome enquiries from everyone.

“Many people also don’t realise that foster carers receive competitive allowances and fees for their amazing work. There are lots of local children in need of a safe and loving home and we need more people to come forward and help them. I’d urge anyone interested to get in touch. Our team are really friendly, and you’ll be fully supported.”