According to new analysis of the Food Standards Agency, Slough has ranked bottom of the regional hygiene ratings for restaurants.

With an average ranking of just 3.86 stars out of 5, Slough ranks fifth lowest in the UK and bottom in the South East region. Only St Helens (3.86), Bolton (3.83), Birmingham (3.78), Luton (3.78) and Walsall (3.68) have lower average ratings across the UK.

The South East of England were the fourth best performing region, with an average ranking of 4.447 star across the 29,989 premises. Northern Ireland tops the list with an average ranking of 4.59 stars across 6,619 premises, with London’s average of 4.02 stars the lowest across the UK.

Lee Batchelor, who led the data team on the project, said: “Our report aims to improve consumers’ understanding of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and the Scottish Food Hygiene Information Scheme, so they can make informed decisions around where to eat and drink

“The ratings are based on more than just personal hygiene. There are different areas of inspection and the schemes do have their limitations. It’s just about understanding that and knowing where to get the right information”.