A vicious acid attack on a student by a man he regarded as a friend has left him scarred for life.

Roger Comer, 45, of Myrtle Crescent, Slough was sentenced to nine years in prison after a jury unanimously convicted him of causing grievous bodily harm after a week long trial at Oxford Crown Court.

This week his victim Joe Davies, 25, who lives in Langley, said he still has no idea why Comer attacked him.

He said: "He was someone close to me that I looked up to.He gave me advice about money and advice about my flat. I used to help him out by collecting prescriptions.

"I decorated one of his houses for him.

"I had not seen him for three weeks, after visiting my foster parents and attending college. I called round and he accused me of trying to poison him with vape juice.

"I thought he could not be serious. As I prepared to leave on my bike he walked towards me carrying a bottle of sulphuric acid I had bought to clear the drains when I was redecorating his house. He had already taken the top off and threw it over me.

"I was wearing a baseball cap which protected my face but the pain was horrendous.

"I pulled some clothing off and begged him to get some water - he just stood staring at me watching me burn."

Joe ran to a nearby house where the resident grabbed a hose and hosed him down.

Joe had second and third degree burns. Although the baseball cap saved his face he needed a skin graft on his neck using skin taken from his thigh and suffered months of hospital treatment..

Joe returned to full-time education at Langley College while he recovered and later won an 'outstanding student' award. He is studying to be a social worker.

He says the attack left him nervous and he restricts his social life now to his girlfriend, his brother and mother, saying 'my brother Lewis has been my rock'.

"I don't think I'll ever know why it happened and I don't want to know."