Windsor has been named as the cheating capital of the UK, as a new map has revealed over 1,500 people in the town are having an affair.

According to data from IllicitEncounters, a site that offers a dating service for those who are married, it has been revealed that Windsor has the highest proportion of adulterers as a percentage of the population in the UK.

1555 people are cheating on their partners in Windsor, which is up 17% on last year’s total of 1324. Despite Maidenhead having more unfaithful residents, 1963, Windsor has a higher percentage of adulterous individuals (4.3%) in comparison to Maidenhead (2.9%).

Slough has considerably fewer unfaithful residents, with 1269 affairs, an increase of 267 in the previous year. spokesman Christian Grant said: “Adultery is up 17% in Windsor, making it the UK's cheating capital. Figures right across Berkshire are high and Maidenhead is a previous winner.

“Lots of couples in the county cannot afford to divorce due to the cost of establishing two new homes, so they are sticking with their partner and adding some spice to their marriage by discreetly having an affair.

“They know that with a site such as IllicitEncounters they can have an affair with a like-minded partner who is also looking to cheat. Both sides can have some fun without upsetting things at home.”