Taxi drivers in Slough will have to undergo safeguarding awareness training every three years to ensure they have the ability to spot risks to passengers.

Both private hire drivers and black cab drivers and operators have already completed safeguarding training delivered by Slough Borough Council over the last three years. All drivers will now be required to attend refresher sessions every three years so they can spot signs of county lines gangs, modern slavery and child sexual exploitation.

Beginning in September, drivers will have a year to attend the refresher training. If drivers do not attend these sessions, their license will be suspended. The course will cost up to £20.

Licensing manager of regulatory services Mark Sims said that the aim of the scheme was to protect the safety and wellbeing of the public.

He said: “Safeguarding issues particularly around child sexual exploitation, people trafficking, modern slavery and the rise of county lines activities, makes drivers the perfect people to be the first to see if something is not quite right.”

Service lead for regulatory services Ginny de Haan said: “Our taxi drivers are a valuable asset and an important point of contact whilst they provide essential transport for our communities and especially for vulnerable people and children.

“They could be the person their passenger discloses concerns to or could see a pattern of behaviour which raises their suspicions. The training will highlight what to look out for as well as how and who to inform if they have a concern.”