A “miracle” cat that jumped from a sofa as it was being prepared to be crushed at the waste and recycling centre has been reunited with its owner.

The black and white cat wearing a blue collar had managed to jump out of the sofa and over the heavy machinery shovel before taken to safety by crew members at Chalvey Waste and Recycling Centre.

Slough Borough Council (SBC) then put out a search for the owner.

The post was shared on social media and a friend told mum-of-two Lauren they thought it might be her six-month old kitten Tux, short for Tuxedo.

Delighted Lauren made her way to Penstone Veterinary Clinic, London Road, Langley, and the pair had lots of cuddles and petting when they were reunited.

Lauren, of Uxbridge Road, said: “I’m so pleased that Tux is ok. I want to thank the workmen at the tip who managed to get Tux, keep him safe and take him to the vets.

“We had a sofa waiting outside to be taken to the tip and Tux and his mum found a hole and would sit and play in the sofa.

“I had a man come and remove the sofa and then I realised Tux was gone. I asked him to see if Tux was in the sofa and he didn’t spot him and took it to the tip.”

She said she was at work when Tux was found by crew members at the White Hart Road centre on Wednesday, and a friend saw the SBC post on social media.

She said: “I couldn’t believe he was at the tip and that he was ok. It was such good news.

“The vets stayed open a bit for me to go down and see him. We have a cuddle and he was purring when he saw me. He was always around my one year old and it will be good when they are back together.

Lauren said she also owns Tux’s mum and kept the kitten because he was mischievous, and his fur was particularly soft.

Unfortunately, Tux managed to break a leg during his 10-day adventure and needs an operation to fix it. Lauren has launched a fundraising page to pay for the treatment he needs.

Thomas McGrory, waste & environment technical officer, said he was really pleased Tux has been reunited with his owner.

He said: “We do see a lot of different things here from time to time but rescuing a cat which managed to avoid the shovel as the sofa was being moved, and avoiding the pile of rubbish that was going to the incinerator every day, means Tux is one lucky cat.”