A decision to abolish two parish councils in the borough has been quashed in what is being hailed as a “victory for democracy”.

Slough Borough Council (SBC) wanted to abolish Wexham Court and Britwell parish councils following a cross-party community governance review last year.

The two parish councils were due to be abolished on April 1 but representatives from both councils applied for judicial reviews after the decision by SBC caused outrage.

At the time, Britwell Parish Council chairman John Finn said: “Britwell Parish Council will continue working for the people of Britwell and Northborough.

“We support our local community and confirm our intention to host the annual carnival if Labour do not close us down.

“I appeal to everyone to support our fight to retain the parish and save our green spaces from unwelcome concrete.”

According to Wexham Court Parish Council clerk Surinder Jabble, the hearing first took place at the Royal Courts in London on April 10, where Mr Justice Lewis asked for more time to consider the case.

He decided on Wednesday this week to quash the order made by SBC, which means the parish councils will remain open.

Mr Jabble said: “This is a victory for democracy and for the residents of both parishes.”

And Mr Finn said: “We are very happy with the decision. Slough Borough Council now needs to stop wasting taxpayers’ money on appeals.”

SBC said it would go through the judgement and decide on a way forward once everything in it has been considered.

Spokesman Kate Pratt said: “We note the judgement of the court and we will be considering it in full. In the meanwhile, preparations for the parish council elections on May 2 will continue.”