Transport teams have been slammed for fixing “just” 800 potholes in the Slough borough last year.

Freedom of Information requests by the Conservative party have shown that Slough Borough Council – which is Labour-run – is the “second worst performing” in the country, fixing 800 potholes in the borough in 2018.

It has been compared to Conservative-run Northumberland, which filled 69,506 potholes last year.

Secretary of Transport Chris Grayling said: “Conservative councils are streets ahead in fixing the roads people rely on to get around, with Labour councils seriously lagging behind.

“While Labour politicians criticise our decision to put more money into road repairs, Conservative councils are getting on with putting that money to good use.”

But SBC has refuted the numbers, saying the figures are “provided with no context” and saying the “mild winter” meant road surfaces did not suffer as much.

Spokesman Kate Pratt said: “Slough is a borough of 32.5 square kilometres. We are tiny; especially in comparison to the massive counties listed as filling in the most potholes.

“We have a proactive approach to road maintenance to prevent potholes and every one of our potholes either reported to us or found on inspection is filled – often within 24 hours.

“Eight hundred potholes in a calendar year represents this approach and also a mild winter where road surfaces didn’t suffer in Slough in the same way they have done in other parts of the country.

“If Slough had 69,000 potholes, we would have almost no road surface in the whole borough; the figures are presented with no idea on the amount of road surface each authority is responsible for.”

The government handed out money to councils from a £420 million national pot of funding for infrastructure repairs last year.