THE body that provides care and support services to vulnerable people in the Royal Borough is adding to the mental health first aid team that looks after its own 700 employees.

The organisation Optalis introduced a mental health first aider in 2018 - their role being to make it simpler for employees to access mental health support.

Now, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week the organisation is introducing four more, as well as two mental health first aider 'champions' as part of the Mindful Employer Charter.

Mental Health First Aiders are trained by Mental Health England to learn how to recognise the warning signs of mental ill health and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone.

Donna Morgans, Mental Health First Aider at Optalis, and also Mindful Employer Champion, said: “Physical health is something most of us don’t have an issue talking about, however talking about mental health can be challenging. We at Optalis are working hard to break down those barriers and encourage people to talk openly about their mental health.”

Optalis provides care and support services on behalf of Wokingham Borough Council, the Royal Borough to older people and adults with disabilities. For more information about Optalis see the website at