A mother and son are about to launch Berkshire's first plastic free, zero waste shop - in Windsor's St Leonard's Road.

The shop opens on Saturday, June 22, and is called Zero Zoe's.

It is the brainchild of Katie Chevis, 51, who has given up a long-term career in IT Training to start the business. She is partnering her son Joe, 20, a former pupil at Windsor Boys school.

Katie said: "It’s really just a more modern take on the way we shopped in the past. Customers bring their own containers from home to our shop and then weigh the goods they want.

“Not only are they playing their part in helping the planet by reducing single-use plastics, they can also save money and reduce food waste as they can buy in much smaller quantities. If a recipe calls for just a tablespoon of one ingredient you can buy exactly that in our shop.”

Joe said: “We’re hoping to offer all the products you might normally buy in a supermarket - but plastic free."

The packaging-free shop will sell everything from kitchen staples such as pasta, rice, cereal and pulses; dried fruit and nuts; oils and vinegars through to household cleaning products like washing up liquid, washing powder and toiletries including shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers. Zero Joe’s will also stock a selection of loose frozen fruit and vegetables, along with chocolates and sweet treats, teas and coffee.

“People can rinse out any old packaging they have at home and re-use that to buy their products” explains Katie. “We’re happy to refill anything that’s clean including jam jars, empty shampoo or washing up liquid bottles. If you have an empty ice cream box don’t throw it in the bin. Rinse it out and you can fill it here with anything from oats and cereal to pasta and nuts.”

As well as customers bringing their own packaging, Zero Joe’s will sell containers, along with supplying paper and canvas bags for goods.

Katie and Joe say they have been overwhelmed at the initial response to the news of their shop after putting a couple of posts up on social media.